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Single Parent Of The Year

The Single Parent Achievers of the Year Award is designed to honor the achievements of one Single Parent annually within our program. We will recognize their commitment to “Improving their Quality of Life” in creating balance and harmony in their parenting, health-wellness and financial stability.

Que Leeks  2020 - 2021
Mother of Three -  An Inspiring Author

Christina Walker  2019 - 2020 
Mother of One - Career: Healthcare - Hobbies: Swimming and riding her motorcycle.

Jayna Matthews 2018 -2019
Mother of One - Career: Entrepreneur - She describe herself as "One of the creator's unique daughters". 

Verni James 2017 - 2018
Mother of Two - Career: Event Planner and Mommypreneaur.

Cynthia Blackwell 2014 - 2015