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The Single Parent Achievers (SPA) is a organization founded by Rochelle McCallister, a single parent whose experience as a single parent has encouraged her to embrace the philosophy of “forward movement.”  SPA is dedicated to educating and empowering single parents and their child (ren) through a series of workshops, resources, fundraising events, quarterly gatherings and support outreach initiatives. SPA seeks to empower single parents by providing the fundamental tools needed to prepare single parents for the journey of balancing health/wellness, work/personal life, family and finances. 

Single parenting is probably one of the toughest jobs any person could have. Whether you’re a single mother or a single father as a result of a divorce or other circumstances, you are bound to encounter some hurdles when raising your child or children alone. Regardless of your reason for being a single parent, the SPA’s goal is to provide you with quality resources, advice and support to help you navigate the obstacles of parenting a child or children alone. Start by exploring what SPA has to offer.

Objectives of Single Parent Achievers: 

·         Provide Parenting, Financial and Health/Wellness Workshops

·         Provide Valuable Resources

·         Support & Host Fundraising Events

·         Build Relationships Through Various Outreach Initiatives

·         Engage in Recreational Activities With Other Single Parents

·         Provide Family & Adult Social Outings

If you want to inspire your child (ren) to greatness, you must dare to be greater yourself. Our desire is to “Be a Blessing” and help provide a strong foundation for your family’s future. We offer single parents “a hand up, and not a hand out.” Today you can do something about the things you care for in your life. We’re here to help you on your journey….You are not alone!

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