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Who Are We

The Single Parent Achievers (SPA) is a non-profit organization founded by Rochelle McCallister, a former single parent whose experience as a single parent encouraged her to embrace the philosophy of “forward movement.” SPA is dedicated to educating and empowering single parents and their child (ren) through a series of workshops, community outreach, fundraising events, and support outreach initiatives. SPA seeks to empower single parents by providing the fundamental tools needed to prepare single parents for the journey of balancing health/wellness, work/personal life, family and finances.

Our Vision 

Single Parent Achievers will provide the knowledge that will assist with “Improving Single Parents Quality of Life”. The program will conduct workshops and meetings that assist families with setting and achieving goals.

Our Mission 

The Single Parent Achievers program is an organization designed to empower and educate single parents and their families concerning parenting, health-wellness and financial skills that are necessary to build a solid family foundation.

Our Goal

The goal of the Single Parent Achievers program is to provide the fundamental tools needed to prepare single parents for their journey with making improved decision for themselves and their children.