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About Founder

Rochelle McCallister
Founder | Executive Director | Speaker | Teacher | Life Coach

Rochelle McCallister, Founder of the Single Parent Achievers Program, became a single parent
to four (4) beautiful children after her marriage of ten years dissolved.  As a single parent, Rochelle encountered challenging times on her overwhelming journey.  Rochelle went into survival mode to take care of her children working two and three job at times to provide for them. There was no time to complain or share her pain. Instead, Rochelle made a conscious decision to IDENTIFY the areas of her life that needed transformation, CONFRONT the difficulties, and CONQUER them one by one.

As a result of her past experiences and desires to succeed, Rochelle was inspired and determined to birth forth SPA, a purpose filled organization and quest for inner healing, growth, and restoration for single parents.  This remarkable organization assist single parents in improving their quality of life for themselves and their children.

In 2015, Rochelle married her best friend and the love of her life, James McCallister.  Together, Rochelle and James have a blended family of nine (9) beautiful children, where their mission is to build a strong spiritual family foundation.  Although her life has evolved, Rochelle will continue to assist Single Parents on their journey.  Providing the tools and resources necessary to overcome the challenges of being a single parent today. 

                                     Time stands still for not one. Choices define your ACHIEVEMENTS!